About me

Portrait - that's me

Hi, I’m Alexandra von Criegern — a freelance front-end web developer from Berlin — focusing on HTML5, CSS3 / SASS and JavaScript - Responsive by default.
I consult on user experience, usability optimization and accessibility for web applications.

I also work on the front-end of the Open Source HTML5 media player Podlove Web Player.
And as I’m a lifelong learner, I study media computer science at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.



Link to Archive Page of sensorberg.com
Responsive marketing website, implemented with HTML5, CSS and PHP-templating in WordPress


Link to betonware.de
Designer's showcase website: Design, Layout, HTML, CSS, in Drupal

Podlove Web Player

Link to Testsite for Podlove Web Player
Relaunch of the Podlove media player in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS/SASS

See for further information about Podlove Web Player on Podlove project page, Github project pages, the documentation, or try the code yourself in a sandbox.

Course 'Web-Programming' on topic WebAudio API

Link to Site of the 'Course Web-Programming on topic WebAudio API'
Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JS on the topic Web Audio API.
See the demo page, where I've improved a little spatialization demo in JS using the Web Audio API.

Have a cool project in mind and think I can help you with it?

Let’s get in touch. For work inquiries, please feel free to drop me a line at contact@von-c.de or twitter.